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Our Commitment

Made in Italy, always. 

After almost 2 decades in the luxury space, nothing compares to Italian craftsmanship.

The selection of raw materials, skill and experience of the makers honed over generations of practice, and ultimately, the quality of the final product are all unmatched anywhere else in the world. 

We strive to only offer the best and there will never be a compromise.

For many brands, "made in Italy" can sometimes mean 'finished' in Italy. But we design, source and construct every aspect of every single pair of Timothy Roquemore shoes in Italy.

And we have for the last 10 years. 

Because in a world of clever marketing techniques, we believe that integrity matters. 

To the artisans, to us as a company and especially to you as a valued customer. That's what we're committed to. Because you deserve the best. 



Our Founder

Timothy Roquemore and his eponymously named footwear brand are based in New York. A native of Houston, Texas; Timothy with his love of art and design traveled to New York City where he earned degrees in Patternmaking Technology and Advertising & Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

His diverse experience and extensive time with Ralph Lauren and Loro Piana immersed Timothy deeply into the world of luxury, where he excelled at design, product development, window display and visual merchandising.

Timothy notes, “The street aesthetic is my foundation, it's where I developed my first sensibility of style." Combined with his love of luxury, Timothy Roquemore has created his collection to encompass a hybrid of both worlds by partnering with Italian artisans dedicated to the craft of shoemaking for many generations. Simple, classic silhouettes redefine comfort, quality and style by using only the finest leathers and exotic skins.